Tarryn Ellison

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Tarryn is a registered psychologist and a Clinical Psychology Student. She has experience in providing clinical services for a broad range of issues, both personal and workplace related. As a clinician, she takes an individualised approach to therapy, working collaboratively with clients.

She draws upon a range of therapeutic modalities that work to create integration of body, mind and spirit. Her holistic approach takes into consideration the broader system that clients are embedded within, whilst recognising the interplay between historical and present-day contexts.

Tarryn believes that the fruit of this work is born from a supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship, and that often this process is about finding an internal source of truth that can anchor each individual into their own unique expression in the world.

Tarryn finds great fulfillment in the work, and is humbled in the journey of walking along side clients. In working with Tarryn you can expect to sit with an open minded, curious individual with a warm and encouraging demeanour.

Areas of expertise:
Eating Disorders
Substance Use
Grief and loss
Relationship Issues
Intimacy issues